TPU Film Extrusion Line / Film Extrusion Machinery


The new high-end TPU film extrusion production line equipment fully integrates the flexible TPU transparent film and the PET hard film through the mechanical structure design to achieve zero bubble bonding, which is comparable to the optical grade film extrusion and bonding production line.

Whether it is TPU single film, single-sided or double-sided laminated plastic film, or textile fabric, the quality can meet customer requirements. The main feature of high-end TPU film extrusion production line equipment is that the temperature control accuracy of the host temperature control system is ±1℃, and it uses German Siemens high-performance motors and Japanese Yaskawa servo motors, which are high energy-saving and energy-saving. Thickness gauge (feedback type) and detector solid-state scintillation technology can provide faster and more accurate detection signals. The automatic reeling machine is dual-purpose for press reeling and fixed-distance reeling.

It is equipped with a trimming knife, a meter counter, and a specially designed storage rack. The storage time is up to 20 seconds, and the coiling is smooth and wrinkle-free The pleats have no violent tendons and the end faces are flat. The whole line adopts automatic tension control system and displays the tension value on the human-machine interface. The film surface has no bubbles, no air marks, or watermarks.

The feature of TPU film

TPU has good material toughness, is not easy to be broken, and has the characteristics of automatic recovery after extension, it can be effectively applied to the demand for anti-scratch and explosion-proof products. ex: Car protective film, mobile phone screen protective film. In response to the trend of environmental protection, TPU has the potential to replace PVC, so it's often used for bonding with the cloth.


Item Description
Un-winder Semi-automatic/Fully-automatic film release device
Control Touch panel, Automatic control system
Feeding Continuous auto weighing system,
Gravimetric blending control system, Dust removal system
Extruder Ø65、Ø75、Ø100、Ø120、Ø150
Material 200℃-210℃ TPU
Speed 25m / min
Thickness 0.03mm-0.3mm ± 3%
Sheet Width 1650mm
Output 250kg/hr
Layer Customerized is available for high capacity


Cloth material bonding, car body structure protective film, optical film, etc.