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Plastic Hollow Profile Sheet Extruder

PP Corrugated Sheet Production Machine

PP Corrugated Sheet Production Machine
PP Corrugated Sheet Production Machine


This PC and ABS Sheet Extrusion Line is for high heat thermoplastic molding applications such as the production of protective exteriors on luggage and electronics casings. Product features excellent heat resistance. Please contact Leader Company now.

1. New design 2008, the Leader company 800kg/hr high filler content variable corrugated PP sheet production line.
2. Comes with a fully automatic feed system with capacity to simultaneously measure 10 kinds of recycled materials, raw materials and additives, able to self adjust feed amounts according to production requirements, thereby reducing wasted raw materials.
3. High productivity twin screw extruder, automatic filtration system, gear measuring machine, and 45° calendar.
4. Triangular feed oven: Heat resistant to 450°C, multi-point temperature control ensures homogenous molding temperatures.
5. Adjustable calender rolls, optimal corrugation size control.
6. Specially designed cooling equipment.
7. Compatible with fully auto cutting table/conveyor for neatly stacked product.

Item Description
Materials PP
Extruder Twin screw extruders are available in φ58/58mm~φ92/92mm according to customer preference.
Single screw available in φ90mm~φ180mm
Productivity 200kg/hr ~ 800kg/hr
Extruder HP 190~375kW High efficiency AC three phase frequency converter motor
Line Speed (max) 12m/min
T-Die Die head width 1000~2100mm
Product thickness 0.6~4.0mm
Forming Rollers φ300~φ500mm x 3 Sets
Haul-off Equipment 1 Set
Annealing Oven 2~3 Sets
Corrugating Machine Depends on pattern
Edge Trimmer 2 Sets
Waste Crusher 2 Sets
Cooling Equipment 1 Set
Micro-computer Cutting Unit 1set
Automatic Hydraulic Lifter 1set