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Plastic Hollow Profile Sheet Extruder

PP/PS/PET Flat Sheet Extrusion Line

PP/PS/PET Flat Sheet Extrusion Line


The transparency and barrier properties of PET sheet make it versatile in thermoforming applications.
It is widely used in various blister/printing decoration fields such as toys, stationery products, panels, signs, handicrafts, water treatment, etc., as well as the fields of pharmaceutical and food packaging containers.

PP/PS/PET Flat Sheet Extrusion Line
Item Description
Extruder Main screw φ90mm, φ100mm, φ120mm, φ150mm, φ180mm
Auxiliary screw φ35mm, φ55mm, φ75mm
Capacity 200kg/hr~1000kg/hr
Line Speed (max) 50m/min
T-Die Mold width 600mm~3000mm
Product thickness 0.2mm~2mm
Forming Rollers φ300~φ500mm x 3 sets
Auto Thickness Tester 1 Set
Cooling Equipment 1 Set
Pull Rollers 1 Set
High Strength Slitter 2 Sets
Scaffold 1 Set (for film use)
Spooling Machines 2~3 Sets - Single spindle / center spool
Cutter 1 Set (Opt.)