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Mask production line

Spunbonded Line



The melted resin as the raw material is extruded from the nozzle, and the continuous fiber is stretched and stacked through a special air duct design to form a cloth sheet. The specialty of this manufacturing method is that it can quickly produce cloth pieces with larger widths. Tow jetting spreads the net uniformly and softly. It is often used to make baby/adult diapers, ladies sanitary napkins and other cleaning products. The spunbonded non-woven fabric produced has water repellent properties and can effectively isolate droplets, so it is suitable for making surgical masks and other medical supplies. After processing with other composite materials, it can be widely used in daily necessities such as packaging/household/clothing.


Item Description
Control system HMI control automatically
Feeding system Auto-sucking machine
Material High MI Polypropylene (35~45)
Main Extruder Ø75mm or Ø100mm or Ø120mm
Mechnical Line Speed (Depends on No. of extruder) Max. 60~300M/min
Available width 600mm-1600mm
Output/day 1000kg/day-10000kg/day
* Baby diapers
* Adult incontinence products
* Sanitary napkin
* Patient pad

Hygiene products

* Medical hats
* isolation gowns
* shoe covers
* bed sheets
* etc.

Medical market

* tea bags
* suitcase linings
* suit covers
* shopping bags

Industrial market