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Plastic Film Extrusion Line

TPU Film Extrusion Line

TPU Film Extrusion Line


This line can produce TPU film with high transparency and high quality. The film produced can be used for optical applications. It is different from the traditional TPU film application in the market and is a high-grade TPU film production equipment.

Item Description
Un-winder Semi-automatic/Fully-automatic film release device
Control Touch panel, Automatic control system
Feeding Continuous auto weighing system,
Gravimetric blending control system, Dust removal system
Extruder Ø65、Ø75、Ø100、Ø120、Ø150
Material 200℃-210℃ TPU
Speed 25m/min
Thickness 0.03mm-0.3mm ± 3%
Sheet Width 1650mm
Output 250kg/hr
Layer Customerized is available for high capacity