Plastic Film Granulator for Waste Plastic: CPP/PC/PE/PET/PLA/TPU Granulation Machine


This machine takes advantage of a unique screw and gearbox design for improved speed and longer operations. It ensures high mixing, excellent dispersal, high efficiency, and high productivity while minimizing power consumption and noise.

This machine meets current market demand as it can be used for recycling many types of plastic film, sheets, and particles. The vertical feed die head, optimal cooling performance, and ideal pellet size are all excellent features of this system.


Item Description
Feed System 1500kg side mixer & φ115mm side forced feed screw
Extruder Screw φ75mm, φ100mm, φ120mm
Vacuum exhaust on cylinder available depending on the material
Extruder HP 56kW~187kW High-efficiency AC 3 phase frequency converter motor
Productivity 150kg/hr~500kg/hr
Die Head Circular water ring pelletizing - Hole diameter and number of blades according to material
Water Removal Unit Water Removal Unit
Material storage Feed blower and storage tank