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LEADER Company History

Leader Extrusion Machinery Company Ltd. has more than 30 years experience designing and manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery.

Leader Extrusion Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd



Respond to Covid-19, Leader developed Meltblown Line and Spunbonded Line to support government solve the problem for shortage of material for protective mask and get the praise of President Tsai ing-wen and be awarded certificate of merit for national epidemic prevention contribution by TAMI (Taiwan Association of Machinery).

Developed Polyimide film stretching equipment

Developed automatic Bobble board extrusion line and TPU film extrusion line.

Adopt 3D visual flow field simulation system and super-precision hydraulic system for improved product development and manufacturing capacity.

Acquired multiple product structure patents. Set up super-precision machine tools and test machine in order to provide customers with test and proofing.

Set up precision tooling plant to develop high precision coating slot die and multi-national cooperation with Japanese company for precision chrome-plating plant.

Developed Multi-layer film extrusion line, Optical grade sheet extrusion line, Bi-orientation film extrusion line.

Multi-national cooperation with Europe Company for special multi-layer auto Die.

TPU exclusive Extrusion Die and EVA exclusive Extrusion Die are launched.

Co-extrusion Die for Multi-layer film and Co-extrusion feedblock launched. 2130 mm PC hollow sheet die developed successfully and earned patents awarded by a couple of states.

Mold and machinery component manufacturing. Specialized in Hollow profile sheet extrusion line, Solid/Flat sheet extrusion line, film extrusion line, Laboratory extrusion equipment, Pelletizer.