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Leader Extrusion Machinery Company Ltd. has more than 30 years experience designing and manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery.

Leader Extrusion Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd


  • High performance, High quality of PETG/APET/PETG Co-extrusion clear film/sheet line for rigid application.

  • High clearness TPU/EVA/TPU, TPO/EVA/TPO Co-extrusion film/sheet line for flexibleapplications.

  • High output, multi-layer hollow sheet co-extrusion line for PC, PP, HDPE, PMMA (Acrylic), PPS. Different hollow design-Fluted, Curved, Bead, Round.

  • Bi-Oriented shrink film for shrink label applications (OPS, OPETG, OPVC).

  • 1PC/Tie/PMMA/Special surface Co-extrusion flat sheet, film line for high transparency , high strength,durable, weather resistance application.

  • Customer oriented application for casting line & roll stand line. Applications in - TPE, TPR, TPU, ABS, GPS, SAN, PEN, PBT , PA 66, PPS, PPO(TPE), SEBS block opolymer. According to different material, we will choose different screw, screen and gear pump device for extrusion. Customers could appoint thickness, width, strength, shrinkage, winding of material, etc.