The Top First Domestic Meltblown Machine has Been Officially Launched


The program of development of meltblown fabrics establishment of The Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA provides respectively 20 million dollars, subsidizing a meltblown fabrics production machine distinctively for the Mytrex Health Co.,Ltd and Trimeltech Co., Ltd, whose machine had been officially putting into efforts and simultaneously been launched yesterday. It is expected that each two machine will be able to augment 4 tons and at least 4 million of masks provided, which enables the new productivity of the pandemic prevention.

The Minister of the Economic Affairs declared her statement in the commencement that during the coronavirus outbreak the productivity of the domestic mask will be gradually elevating and fully offered to our compatriot, which has contributed to self-sustaining the meltblown fabrics material and performed the spirit of main material to Leader Extrusion Enterprises co,.Ltd with its collaboration with The Mytrex Health Co.,Ltd and Trimeltech Co., Ltd perfection, Ms. Mei- Hua Wang has also emphasized the aftermath of the investment of domestic meltblown machine, Taiwan will not only produced the mask but also the whole machine which is the quite classic traditional industrial high-value utilization.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has stated that the meltblown fabrics are the middle layer of the filter in the three-dimensional structure of facial mask with its effect of preventing the virus, which has been the crucial medical material in the global pandemic outbreak. Originally, the country (Taiwan) has had the capability to manufacture the meltblown fabrics, for accelerating the productivity of the vital material, the Industrial Development Bureau has promoted the programme of the meltblown fabrics with the subsidies of the self-development meltoblown fabrics equipment, choosing the Mytrex Health Co.,Ltd and Trimeltech Co., Ltd respectively for the establishment of a machine, with the subsidies of 20 million NTD, requesting that the establishment must be completed by 06/30

The Mytrex Health Co.,Ltd and Trimeltech Co., Ltd are currently in collaboration with GMA and Leader Enterprises in developing the meltblown fabrics equipment, allowing the meltblown fabrics and its production to be completely and entirely nationalized and in the meantime filtering its efficiency which has passed the examination of the texile post-graduate school. With the advent of the occasion and its high quality, we should seize the opportunity to export and make the Taiwan-based brand material acknowledged in the international market.

News courtesy of the Chinese Version News Translator/ Editor: Pei-Lien Lin