Super alkaline water machine can continuously produce 100 liters of super alkaline water with pH of 12.9 or above per hour.

Equipped with a 10 inch Japanese Fuji digital display touch screen, which can show the machine working status in real time and 800 gallon (120 liters/hour) pure water machine.

It has own POCA solution bucket, you can adjust the POCA concentration and replace the POCA solution through program instructions by touch screen panel.


Item Description
Power 110V-220V   50/60HZ  4500W
PH value 12.9 or above
Capacity 100 L / hr
Water temperature 10-30℃
Dimeter of water pipe Φ 10mm
Electrolyte POCA
Replace time 4000 hours
Size 1785mm (heigh) x 1080mm (width) x 700mm (length)
Weight Approx. 200 kgs
POCA liquid tank 100 Liter
Reverse Osmosis 800 gallon,  output 120L/hr ,  pure waterTDS 10-20 (Depend on water quality)