This production line is a multi-layer co-extrusion extrusion design to make the film flexible, and through the layering effect strengthen the layered adhesion, so as to improve the product tension.

Multilayer films have been widely used in daily life and have brought great convenience to life. Functional films have unlimited possibilities in the application of materials, such as adding antioxidants, barrier agents, or laminating composite materials, which have light control, weather resistance, conductivity, barrier properties, antifouling properties, decorative properties, etc characteristics.

Cast film has the advantages of high heat seal strength and low production cost, and its strength, gas barrier performance, and tearing performance are completely comparable to BOPP film. It can be used to produce packages, labels, and special packagings, such as heat-sealing film, synthetic paper labels, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, festive decorations, and sequins.


Item Description
Un-winder Semi-automatic/Fully-automatic film release device
Control Touch panel, Automatic control system
Feeding Continuous auto weighing system,
Gravimetric blending control system, Dust removal system
Extruder Ø75、Ø100、Ø120、Ø150、Ø180
Speed 250m / min (max)
Thickness 0.012mm-0.15mm
Sheet Width 600-3000mm
Output 150-800kg/hr
Layer Customerized is available for high capacity


Food packaging film