What is Film Extrusion Line?

The film is produced by the casting method, the resin is melted by the extruder and squeezed through a die, and attached to the cooling calendar wheel, stretching, trimming, winding, and other processes.
Film technology is widely used in industries such as semiconductors, machinery, livelihood, optoelectronics, energy, environmental protection, biomedicine, and nanometers.
Through the composition of different plastic raw materials produced in different functional films, which are widely used in the above industries that it is an indispensable part of the market.

The film extrusion line from LEADER could produce the below type of file:

  • TPU Film: Made of environmentally friendly materials, it is waterproof and has the characteristics of automatic recovery after extension. It is effectively used in anti-scratch, explosion-proof products.
  • Micro-/Nano-Layer Film: The film is flexible and through the layering effect strengthens the layered adhesion, so as to improve the product tension. Widely used in the heat-sealing film, synthetic paper labels, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, festive decorations, and sequins.
  • PET Shrink Film: It is known for its excellent transparency and barrier properties. After bisynchronous stretching, film transparency is especially high. PET shrink film is used for generic packaging, labeling, special packaging (such as for DVDs), baked goods, keeping fresh fruits and vegetables, and synthetic paper labels.